Year 2016 (Y2K16) Computer Bug Hits Texting in US and Banking in Australia

When 2009 ticked over to 2010, some Windows Mobile users are also having issues with their new year SMSes coming from 2016.

WM Experts reports that, text messages received after 1/1/2010 may be dated as 2016. This bug is reported in Windows Mobie 6.1, Windows Mobie 6.5 and even in some non-Windows Mobile phones. Only some mobile carriers seem to be experiencing this bug. WM Experts say that HTC and LG are aware, but no official response yet. They have provided a work-around for the time being. This bug does not create any mobile communication problem as such, just that text messages are ‘post dated’ to 2016.


Coincidentally, retail businesses across Australia have lost thousands of dollars over the New Year weekend because a computer glitch left shoppers unable to use the Bank of Queensland’s EFTPOS(Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) terminals, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

BOQ’s EFTPOS machines skipped ahead six years when the clock ticked over to January 1 and started date stamping January 2016. The glitch was a nationwide issue. The glitch cost businesses untold amounts as the EFTPOS terminals read customers’ cards as having expired and refused their transactions.

BOQ staff have not been able find what caused the problem, but a temporary solution has been put in place to ease retailers’ frustrations,

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