TestYou – Conduct Online Exams

TestYou is an online system that allows you to conduct online test for free, you can conduct online exam etc and the tests at testyou are highly customizable. It lets you create tests using an interface that is intuitive before anything else, and that is hosted 100 % online. You dont have to install anything on your own computer.

If you have computer with internet connection in all cases you are the one choosing who is being able to take any of your tests, and you’ll get to see and manage results right as they come along. You can browse through topics in TestYou that you want to master and then take as many exams as you wish.


TestYou can be used by both types of users:

  • Student: the one who attempts tests.
    • Manage Records: This option helps the user to manage their information and manage their account on TestYou.
    • Test: This option helps the user to give test. Tests can be setup by the test admin. Tests are configured with various options.
    • Old Records: This provides a way for the user to see the old records(if any), like the previous attempted test score and everything else.
  • Admin: the one who creates and manages the tests.
    • Manage Tests
    • Manage Question Bank
    • Manage Groups

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