Test Eyesight Online for Free and Get Idea About Your Eye Power

Eyesight online is a free online service which allows user to test eyesight online and gives user an idea about their eye power. This online service is not a replacement to optometrist because this service does not show the accurate results but still it gives a rough idea for free. For a thorough checkup you should visit your nearby eye specialist because they have advanced tools which show accurate results. This online service works on 15 inch, 17 inch or 19 inch monitor.

For facing examination, User must have a 15″, 17″, or 19″ monitor and flash plugin for it to work .There are a few tips that should make the exam more accurate, they are user have someone measure out the correct length that you should sit back at, keep a ¼” black border around your screen monitor by using the monitor buttons, keep a ¼” black border around your screen monitor by using the monitor buttons, try not to squint, when you can no longer read more than half the words on a line, press stop\

[advt]Advice for facing examination: Do not consider this as an official exam, only an optometrist has the most precise instruments to find your true Rx, this exam is only meant to give you an idea of where your eye power land,  due to variations in every monitor, accuracy is not perfect (dot pitch, brightness/contrast, monitor size, screen size, screen resolution)


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