“Tees Maar Khan” Official Game for DTH, Mobile, IVR and Web

UTV Indiagames and airtel digital TV along with Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and director Farah Khan, launched the official multi-platform game for the movie – Tees Maar Khan.

UTV Indiagames associated with airtel digital TV to launch the official game across quad platform– DTH, Mobile, IVR, and Web. Customers just need to press the Games button on their universal remote to select the game and get started as per instructions.

Playing as TMK himself, the gamers have to rob a series of banks, museums and a train filled with tons of gold, tactfully avoiding the patrolling guards and various high-tech security devices! A fun stealth puzzle game, with pulse pounding chase sequences broken into three stages, will put the gamer’s reflexes to test as they immerse more deeply into this stylishly interactive game.

Inspired from the scenes of the movie, Stage one – The Bank Robbery marks the start of TMK’s career in the world of crime! He has to cross three levels robbing banks by breaking through the security, cracking the lock and escaping with the loot before the alarm is activated! Moving on the Stage two – The Museum Heist, TMK now has to steal precious artifacts from some famous museums and pass through three such levels to finally come to the final stage – The Great Train Robbery! In this set, TMK is assigned with the greatest and most audacious haul of all times i.e. to rob a moving train! Here the gamer has to jump from one bogey to another, reach the special compartments to infiltrate the heavily guarded interior and steal the precious cargo through three levels! [via]

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