43 Billion Text Messages Globally Wishing Happy New Year

Global SMS traffic during the New Year period increased by 30 per cent over the same period last year, an research by Acision, a messaging company, revealed.

Global phone users sent a staggering 43 billion text messages to wish their loved ones a happy new year. Growth was strong in both the mature and emerging markets, according to the report.

India’s 220 million mobile subscribers sent over a billion text messages representing a 300 per cent increase on daily traffic levels. [More Than a Billion SMS Wishing Happy New Year in India]

The Philippines retained its title as the text messaging capital of the world, sending a remarkable 1.39 billion text messages from a subscriber base of just 50 million. That means, on an average of 28 SMS per subscriber in Philippines, comparing to the 4.5 SMS per subscriber in India!

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