Team Talk – Free Voice Conferencing System for VoIP

TeamTalk is a conferencing system which enables a group of people to collaborate and share information. It is a voice conferencing application aimed at providing everyone a VoIP solution, regardless of connection speed. Features include packetloss resistance, denoising of outgoing audio, 3D positioning of sound. Two version of Team Talk is available TeamTalk 4, TeamTalk 4 SDK.[advt]

TeamTalk 4 is a freeware conferencing system which allows multiple users to participate in audio and video conversations on the Internet. The TeamTalk 4 install file includes both client and server application. Special client application included with accessiblity features for visually impaired.

The TeamTalk 4 SDK enables software developers to easily implement features for sending and receiving multiple audio and video streams over the Internet. The SDK consists of a client DLL and a standalone server which can be used in both LAN and WAN environments. It comes with wrapper classes for .NET Framework and a C-API which allows development on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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