QuteCom SIP-compliant Voice Over IP Softphone Free Download

QuteCom is a free SIP-compliant Voice over IP softphone. It can be used for audio and video chats with other SIP clients and even call landlines using a SIP provider. It also supports chatting on AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and XMPP. It is a provider agnostic so you can choose your own SIP provider.

  • Fully SIP-compliant softphone with audio, video, and presence support.[advt]
  • Available for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.
  • NAT traversal including STUN and HTTP proxy support.
  • File transfer capabilities.
  • Use of libgaim from Gaim to allow interoperability with many IM protocols.
  • Encryption using SRTP with AES 128 bit standard encryption.
  • 100% translations for 13 languages.

Download QuteCom

qutecom screenshot

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