Tata DOCOMO Route Finder – Send SMS to 533331 to Get Driving Directions

Tata Docomo LogoTata Docomo launched Route Finder which will enable you to get static route from current location to selected destination. This service can be used at Rs.5/request (no data charges to access map) and will be available on all 3G circles of Tata DOCOMO – MH & Goa, Gujarat,Karnataka, Kerela, Punjab, Haryana, UP West, Rajasthan, MP, Mumbai.

Route Finder provides directions to destination from subscriber’s current location.

  • You don’t need to put in your current location since Route Finder has the capability to auto-detect your current location and provide you directions to reach your destination.
  • It automatically identifies your phone capabilities and responds with a Route as SMS Text or Map accordingly in an easy format.
  • Get charged only for successful results only and not for unsuccessful ones.
  • Service can be used to find routes for these or more. – Restaurants, schools, movie theatres, malls and ATMs.
  • Service available presently across 150 key cities across India

MAPs can be viewed at WAP / JAVA phones. SMS routes can be used on any device.

Accessing Route Finder

  • Step 1: To access Route Finder, you need to send SMS to Short Code (533331) by mentioning required destination address.
  • Step 2: Route Finder identifies if your device is a WAP device or Non-WAP device.
    • In case phone is a Non WAP supported device:
      • You will receive directions as textual SMS
      • No charges are deducted for an invalid response
    • In case phone is a WAP supported device:
      • Receives direction as a WAP link
      • Upon clicking WAP link actual WAP page opens showing textual directions and route plotted on MAP
      • No charges are deducted for an invalid response

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