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Tata DoCoMo
TATA DOCOMO GSM Services has been launched in Kerala with Managing Director making the first phone call from the 3G-ready network to Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor. The TATA DOCOMO GSM mobile service will have extensive coverage in 493 towns and cities and 516 villages in Kerala, along 890 km of the state’s highways, at airports, along 940 km of rail routes and at places of tourist interest.

TATA DOCOMO has come up with the pay-per-use, per-second revolutionary concept among the mobile operators in India. TATA DOCOMO subscribers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of pay-as-you-use, at only one paisa per second for all voice calls across India.


From day one of our launch, Tata DoCoMO works with a simple, eazy to understand, per-second pricing model for almost everything, be it voice calls, VAS services, IVR interactions. TATA DOCOMO also announced the introduction of the pay-as-you-use advantage for many of its Value-added Services, including all its voice portals, 24-hour music, cricket commentary and voice chat. The Company also announced Free Missed Call Alerts service to all its customers without any charge whatsoever. In addition, VoiceMail on TATA DOCOMO will be totally free for all subscribers with no burden of monthly rentals, no deposits, and no retrieval charges.


On other operators you make a 20 seconds call and you pay for 1 min because they have a 60 seconds pulse
On TATA DOCOMO you pay only for seconds that you talk. So if you make a call from your TATA DOCOMO and the call lasts for 20 seconds, you pay for only 20 seconds.

Prepaid Plans

Tata DoCoMo prepaid in Kerala offers Plan 49, Rupees 49 one time payment, which offers a pulse rate of 1 second, with lifetime warranty, free airtime of Rupees 5, and incoming calls are FREE while in home network.

All Local Calls including TATA DOCOMO, Tata CDMA, Other GSM, and Landline/CDMA are charged 1 paisa per second.

All STD Calls including TATA DOCOMO, Tata CDMA,Other GSM and Landline/CDMA are 2 Paisa per second.

As a limted period promotional offer, Tata DoCoMo offers All India STD @ 1 paisa per second (1p/sec) and 12 p/sec to the Gulf (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen).

National Roaming is pre-activated on all PREPAID and POSTPAID customers. There are no fixed monthly charges on National Roaming. All Incoming Calls are charged at Rupee 1 per minute; all outgoing calls to all Local/Intra Circle is charged Rupee 1 per minute; and all STD (Inter Circle) Outgoing calls are charged Rupee 1.50 per minute.

Recharge your TATA DOCOMO Prepaid
Gently scratch the silver panel on the reverse of the recharge card for a 16-digit number.
Call 12525, choose your preferred language, follow the voice announcement and enter the 16-digit recharge number, when requested. Or simply type *135*2* <16 digit pincode > # and press ok. Your prepaid account will be automatically recharged by the calling value amount and validity of your coupon. TATA DOCOMO Prepaid is pre-activated with STD / ISD. No more paying deposits. Even with a balance of 1 paisa, you can make a call.

Postpaid services will be launched on 1st July 2009.

Prepaid Services Offered by Tata DoCoMo

24-hour Music @ 2p/sec
Offers a 24-hour Music channel – you can just enjoy the music, on the go and just pay for what you listen, when you listen, without any fixed commitments per month. Pay just 2 paise / second when you call the 24 hour Music channel: Call 543213.

To use Voice Chat, just call 543216, and set up your profile. Everyone who sets up a profile gets an opportunity to go through the profile of others and connect with them. Pay just 2 paise per second when you call the VoiceChat Service.

Missed Call Alerts, For FREE!
The Missed Call Alert comes pre-activated on your TATA DOCOMO, and if FREE! This service enables you to know the phone number of the person who called you while you were out of coverage area or when your mobile was switched off.

Voicemail Service, for FREE!
TATA DOCOMO provides you free Voicemail service at no monthly rentals, no deposit or retrieval charges. You can divert your calls to your voicemail box when you do not answer or are not reachable and the caller will be able to leave a voicemail for you.  Just type ACT VM and sms to 121 to activate the service on your TATA DOCOMO.

Genie – Tune Search Service
TATA DOCOMO Genie is the Call me tune Search Service. It’s a music search, where you just say the name of the song/film and we will set it as your Call me tune, from our bank of 75,000 songs! Download any tune with one time charge of Rs 15 / tune. ‘Call me’ tune subscription charges will be Rs 30/month, which is auto renewable after 30 days from subscription. To use this service, call 543215. Call charges 2 paise / second.

About DoCoMo

The Japanese company NTT DOCOMO has provided technical inputs to make the TATA DOCOMO GSM network world-class. NTT DOCOMO is acknowledged as the global leader in 3G technology and respected worldwide for its futuristic product innovations. NTT DOCOMO shall bring to India the various products and services that is offerred in Japan – such as i-modeTM, Location-based Services (LBS) and mobile payment.

NTT DOCOMO is the world’s leading mobile operator and provider of advanced mobile services. The company serves over 54 million customers in Japan, including 48 million using i-mode™, the world’s most popular mobile e-mail/Internet platform, and 49 million using FOMA™, the world’s original 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA. As a leader in the development of cutting-edge mobile technologies, DOCOMO is continually expanding the role of mobile phones as versatile and highly personalized “lifestyle tools” for everyday life, including with a wide range of innovative services for mobile payments, GPS, mobile TV, multimedia content and much more.

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