Tap to Lock Android Touch Screen – Download Lock Screen App

lock-screen-app-logoDo you used to wait till your touchphone get locked, to keep it in your pocket or purse to prevent accidental touching? Then we have got an easy solution for you. Just install Lock Screen App for your Android device. Once you install this app, you needn’t wait until your phone automatically get locked. Just tap on the app icon, and it will lock your screen at the moment.

A Lock screen, which helps to prevent accidental button or touch screen presses while the phone is in your pocket or bag and the screen is turned on

‘Lock Screen App’ is a tiny app that can help you lock easily (without power button).

Download Lock Screen App


  • Lock device with one touch(Same effect as pressing the power button)[advt]
  • Not a widget so it does not run as service in the background
  • Auto-kill itself after locking to save your Battery & Memory
  • Tiny in size (<50k)


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