Synchronizes Your Online Photo Albums Using Fuzli

Fuzli  revolutionizes the way to display your online photo albums. Create a photo gallery Fuzli to synchronize all your photo albums (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Dropbox, Picplz, Twitpic ) and combine them in one place. It is the way to display your online photo albums.

Synchronize your photo albums

Synchronize Fuzli with your photo albums from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, picplz, Picasa, Twitpic your own FTP, etc

  • Choose with which service you want to synchronize your new album.
  • Enter a name for your new photo album (ex: My vacation photos).
  •  Allow Fuzli to access the service selected above. The handling is almost the same for all services.

Configure your photo albums

Several configuration options are available:

  • Album Name : you can rename your album at any time.
  • [advt]Photo : send an image for the cover of your album.
  • Synchronization  : by default the synchronization is done every 24 hours between Fuzli and service you synchronize. You can also change the time of sync or synchronize your photo album now.
  • Album contents  : by default (with Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa Dropbox) Fuzli syncs with all your photo albums. You can choose to display all of your albums or just the contents of a sub-album.
  • Private content  : by default Fuzli does not sync with your private photos (on Flickr and Picasa). However, you can also choose to sync with your private photos Fuzli.
  • Description : add a description to your photo album (for optimal SEO and social networks)
  • Mots clés : add keywords to your photo album (for optimal SEO and social networks)
  • Ordre d’affichage : Albums and photos contained within this album can be ordered in several ways.
  • Save : save the settings to apply them instantly to your photo album.

Securing your photo albums

Add a password to your photo gallery. 

You can also set a password for only one of your photo albums and share it only with your friends.
Add a password for only one of your photo albums.

You can choose to add only one password to one of your photo (if you have synced several example). This allows you to define several different passwords associated with your photo albums.

Customize your gallery

Fuzli can further customize your gallery by adding for example a custom favicon

  • URL : customize your url Fuzli with your full name or nickname.
  • Themes & Lightbox : Indicates the theme and the lightbox currently used to display your gallery Fuzli on computers.
  • Favicon : add a favicon to beautify the places where your gallery is mentioned (address bar, title bar, bookmarks, tabs and other shortcuts).
  • Title : give your gallery a title (eg All my photos on Fuzli)
  • Description : give a description to your photo gallery Fuzli
  • Keywords  : keywords describing your gallery
  • Password  : want to keep your private gallery? just add a password and all your albums will be protected.
  • Analytics code : you can use Google Analytics to get detailed statistics about visitors to your gallery Fuzli. To do this please enter your Google Analytics tracking code (UA-Ex 65432-2).

Themes to your image

Several themes for your photo gallery are available on Fuzli. Choose a theme for your gallery and customize it by changing the colors on it and adding a background image.

Fuzli for PDA and Tablets

Each gallery Fuzli has a version optimized for smartphones and tablets. No need to install an additional application, simply log on your gallery Fuzli with an iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, etc.

Share your photos

Share your photos to show them to his friends is one of the pleasure of life. With Fuzli, nothing easier, you can share your photo gallery on Facebook or Twitter and share them with your friends.

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