Synchronize Your Social Media / Network Using GoGoStat Sync

Gogostat LogoGoGoStat Sync is designed to assist people in managing their social media lifestreams of information and content. Sync allows to keep status, photos, contacts and more consistent across multiple social networks. It helps users organize and update their personas on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and many others, turning vast social networking streams into useful information that can be used for automating what are otherwise mundane user tasks.

GoGoStat Sync helps people manage their growing information demands effectively and utilizes automated awareness of their personal context and conditions. Sync solves the time-consuming problem of maintaining multiple social media accounts by enabling users to manage their data streams of activity and avoid the unnecessary hassle that comes with having several accounts. With GoGoStat Sync users can:

  • Synchronize contacts and photos across multiple social media sites [advt]
  • Keep their status up-to-date across sites, with any number of cross-site combinations they choose
  • Set up their address book on one site, but then sync it to any site

With GoGoStat Sync, users can define whichever combinations work best for them. For example, a user could automatically send tweets to Facebook and MySpace as status updates. To experience Sync’s maximum effectiveness, users should have at least a couple of social networking, photo or communications service accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, Gmail, or others.

In Sync app synchronization occurs in the background, not just when users are logged in. Synchronization can be defined in any direction, and users can set-up their Sync rules using credentials from any of their social media sites, so it is not necessary to remember yet another set of account info and credentials for GoGoStat Sync.

Sync Features:

  • Sync with many : Sync status messages with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Windows Live. Sync Photos between Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. Sycn Contacts between google, facebook and windows live. More and more services added frequently.
  • Nothing to download and absolutely free : All you have to do is sign up for the service and let us know which sites you want kept in sync and in what direction. The service runs in the background doing all of the work for you. Set-it up, forget about it and go about socializing online.
  • Any-To-Any : GoGoStat Sync, unlike most of the other tools that are out there, can update from any social networking site to any other social networking sites as long as they deal with the same type of objects like photos and contacts. Sync currently synchronizes photos, contacts and status messages.
  • Use your favorite : There is a lot of information out there about you – from photos on Flickr to contacts in Gmail to Tweets on Twitter to your business relationships on LinkedIn. Plus, there are other people taking about you on Twitter, tagging you in photos on Facebook, etc, etc. Taken on its own, all this is just a lot of data. But combined, it starts to reveal the people and stories behind the data.

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