Plusist – Share Google+ Posts to Facebook and Twitter Automatically

plusist-logoDo u find very difficult to post the same status message to all your social networking profiles?. Then Plusist will act as a manager to your social networks. Plusist is a free to use web service that lets you simultaneously post status updates to multiple social networks.

The site automatically post your public Google+ updates to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. You can choose to share all your public Google+ posts in such a manner or only the ones with special hashtags in them.

In addition to this, Plusit provides you with a shortened URL for your Google+ profile. The shortened URL is actually a subdomain of the site with the suffix being your Facebook or Twitter username.

Just use Facebook connect to authorize your Facebook account and Twitter OAuth to verify your Twitter account and then you can start using Plusit service.


  • A user-friendly web service.[advt]
  • Automatically posts public Google+ updates to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Lets you share all posts or posts with set hashtags.
  • Provides you with a shortened Google+ profile URL. [source]

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