Sumo Paint Art Community – Painting Photo Manipulation App

sumopaint is an online art community. The primary purpose of the community is to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and fave the artwork of its members. Sumopaint hosts the internet’s most versatile painting photo manipulation application called the Sumo Paint.

Sumo Paint offers powerful range of tools and features for adjusting images and producing creative images. Sumo Paint is almost same as Photoshop, the offline pixel based image editor. Sumo Paint has full featured photo editing and painting application, which works right in your favorite web browser.

The application can be used in Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. The only requirement is the Flash Player (which usually comes preinstalled in any OS). It also has plenty of features to allow users to produce very creative results.



  • Open images from your computer or the web
  • Save images to a free Sumo account or your computer
  • Layer support with blending modes and layer effects
  • Wide range of tools
  • Good selection of adjustment features for improving photos
  • Nice range of Filters for producing creative images
  • Full screen option for maximum working area

With Sumopaint, new users can make a one click fix to their photos with layers and blending modes. It can yield very interesting results and the exciting range of Filters can add another level of creativity.

Because of these features of Sumopaint can ensure that users’ digital photos are looking their best before sharing them with friends and family.

You can register for a free Sumo account into which you can save their finished photos, with an option to make them private or public.

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