StreamTransport – Free Tool to Download Streaming From Websites

StreamTransport is a free video download tool that you can download from the internet to download streaming video from websites and make them your own to watch at any point in time. When you see videos on sites like Megavideo and Hulu you are not able to download them to your computer. It is the solution for that problem.

To use StreamTransport you simply download it directly to your computer. Once you are on the video that you want to keep then you simply open the application and create a download task. Once the task is completed then the video will be saved on your computer. You can easily organize and save them within this software so you can get to them without hassle.

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  • [advt]Supports A Few Different Types of Websites: Videos online are extremely popular these days, and this software will support all the different types of videos that you want to check out online. You can use it with Joost, Boxee, YouTube, Yahoo Videos, CBS, and a few others. You will be able to use the application to view videos from hosting outlets; HTTO, RTMP, RTMPT and RTMPE.
  • You Can Capture URLs: Anytime you are watching a video clip online then this feature will capture the URL for you. It will be listed for you so that you can go to it again at a later date, or get rid of it and save room for others.
  • Add to Your Collection: You can add videos to your collection and keep them organized in a library where you can play them back at anytime. You can also add lots of audio as the application will save files as FLV and MP4 formats.
  • Task Manager: You can see a task manager that will show you all the files you have downloaded and this will allow you to easily get to where you can see them.

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