Download Websites Cop – Tool to Monitor Specified Files on Websites

Websites Cop is a tool which can monitor specified files on your website, alert you if there are any changes a hacker has infected the site with something unpleasant, say and automatically repair any damage by restoring the original files. This isn’t quite as straightforward as you might have hoped. The process starts by telling Websites Cop the files you’d like to monitor, for instance, and so probably what you’d like to do is point it at an entire folder of content (all file types are supported, not just web pages).

Download Websites Cop

[advt]But you can’t: the program only supports your adding one file at a time, which may be tedious if you’ve a huge site.¬†All you have to do is enter your FTP details (your site needs FTP access for Websites Cop to work), configure a setting or two – how frequently your files should be checked, whether it should send you an email if a change is detected – and you’re done. One further click and the program will run in the background, monitoring your site and replacing altered files with the originals if any changes are detected.

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