Download Age of Empires Online – MS Classic Real-Time Strategy Game

Age of Empires Online is the latest version of Microsoft’s classic real-time strategy game. The core plot will be very familiar to most gamers. You start with a puny, single-city civilization, all alone in a hostile world. But by careful management of resources, well-judged expansion, development of new technologies and the conquest of local competition, you’ll eventually build an empire which will rule the world.

Download Age of Empires

There’s no subscription, and the core features come for free: the main game, two of the best civilizations (the Greeks and Egyptians), and the ability to fight, chat or trade with other players in your online world.

[advt]To be really successful, though, you’ll probably have to part with at least some cash in purchasing a few Premium Packs. These extend your empire with new units, buildings or technologies, giving you a valuable edge over your rivals. And Microsoft is also offering Booster Packs, which add additional game content: new game modes, special storylines and more.

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