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MemoThis is a free online memo-making tool that helps you take back the internet and spread your ideas across the web. With this memo-based comment management service, you can embed comments, opinions, and reminders anywhere, anytime and the memos stay right where you left them. Use memos for personal research, for collaboration, for online shopping or for citizen journalism. The memo doesn’t just mark a page like a bookmark; rather it integrates a user’s thoughts over web space and time.
With patented On-Location feature of MemoThis, memos can be placed in precise positions on any web page so your thoughts and ideas are mashed up with published content. Authors can move memos around just like a sticky note. Memos can save you hours every week. You control how your memos are distributed. A memo can be private, exclusive to colleagues, or fully public, and can include text, images, video, or widget codes. You manage all your memos and comments from your own memo console or share to email or most social networks. With MemoThis you’ll always get the memo.

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  • The patented On-Location feature lets you add comments on any web page. The comments can be seen by anyone who visit those pages.
  • It gives you the power to control who sees the memo you have created. You can choose from options like Private, Public and Friends and Colleagues. The public memos allow the people to reply to them and start discussions.
  • You can share your memos through email or by posting them on your favorite social networking site.
  • [advt]You can create multimedia memos by adding images, videos, etc.
  • It lets you blog and bring people to your site when they come across your coments while browsing naturally.
  • Memos that have adult content come with an indicator NSFW which stands for Not Suitable for Families or Work. You can choose to opt out of viewing such memos.
  • All the memos that you create are kept secure and confidential on their servers which will make sure that your memos are safe from spammers, malware and hackers.

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