Track the Activity of Your Children on Facebook Using MinorMonitor

MinorMonitor is a free web-based tool that enables parents to proactively protect their children by analyzing their activities and friends on Facebook. It identifies and alerts on dangerous activities related to bullying, hate crimes, drug use, and much more. MinorMonitor provides both a snapshot and detailed view of your child’s photos and friend network and reports suspicious friends.

MinorMonitor allows the parents to:

  • Monitor their Child’s Facebook activities
  • Identifies possible bullying, drug use, and etc
  • Analyzes content that child’s friends write about them
  • Report suspicious friends
  • Alert on friends with low number of mutual friends
  • Identifies child’s over-age friends
  • Locates and reports questionable content
  • Keep track of child’s photos and videos
  • Photos that their children uploaded
  • Photos that their child was tagged in
  • Central location for viewing, filtering and sorting


  • Provides proactive protection
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Automated text and e-mail Alerts
  • In-depth analysis on activities such as wall posts, status updates, messages, uploaded photos, check Ins, friend networks etc
  • Free and no software required

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