Stardock Tiles – Tool that Organize Any Running Applications

Stardock Tiles is a program that will help you organize any of your running applications. It will create a side bar on the left of the screen, where you can select, manage and customize your tiles. You can move through different applications by just clicking on the tiles or by a swipe of your mouse. You can configure your tiles within the side bar, and you can also choose the bar size, the design, the edge alignment and much more. It also has an auto-hide feature, which means that you will not lose any desktop space.

Download Stardock Tiles

This is a live tile, too, so if you visit some other site then the tile will update accordingly. And if you open new tabs then these will also appear beneath the first, and you can switch to any of these windows just by clicking on the relevant tile.

It is extremely configurable, too. So if you’re not keen on losing valuable screen estate to another sidebar, for instance, check out the settings. There are options to change the Tiles bar size and position, and the program can even automatically hide itself when it’s not in use.

[advt]You can organize your tiles by type of application (whether it is a document or a web app), by recently closed applications and by another desired way. You can easily add a short-cut to the ‘Tiles’ bar. You simply have to drag the application or program onto the bar. To create a long term short-cut you can pin the icon to the bar. You can also make the system tray icons go into the bar, so you will not longer need the task bar.

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