Paragon Migrate to UEFI – migrate 64-bit Windows BIOS system to GPT Disk

Paragon Migrate to UEFI is a simple four step wizard which makes it relatively easy to migrate your 64bit Windows Vista/ 7 systems to a GPT/ UEFI setup. It will allow you to boot from large disks, specifically drivers greater than 2TiB in size. The old BIOS setup program gets replaced by a far more sophisticated preOS environment, including network support. Boot time is faster, too, and there are plenty of more technical benefits.

You’ll need an operating system which can boot from UEFI, like 64bit Windows Vista or 7. Your motherboard must support UEFI, too. And you’ll need a second hard drive to hold the new setup. Of course if you have all this then you could set up your system manually, but you’ll have to start from scratch, installing Windows, all your applications, then reconfiguring them to work as you need.

Paragon Migrate to UEFI simplifies this process, though, by copying your existing system to a new drive (complete with a new GPT partitioning scheme), and automatically adjusting Windows to start up in UEFI mode. All you really have to do is point the program at the source and destination drives, and it’ll take care of everything else.

 Download Paragon Migrate to UEFI 

Why try Migrate to UEFI?

  • Transfers system and data from the dated BIOS to a modern UEFI configuration
  • Simple fourstep wizard helps to set up and perform the operation
  • [advt]Automatically adjusts Windows OS to start up in the UEFI mode
  • Automatically creates a GPT partitioning scheme during migration
  • Supports AFD (Advance Format Drive) disks (mixed 512B/4K Sector scheme only, including virtual)
  • The source system remains intact and can be loaded in the BIOS mode at any time
  • Copy operation is run without the system restart by employing Microsoft VSS technology

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