ST Proxy Switcher – Free Tool to Change and Manage Proxy Addresse

ST Proxy Switcher is a free application that enables users to change and manage proxy addresses. The application relies on a comprehensive proxy list that can be downloaded in just a few minutes, so that you will receive thousands of proxy servers from all over the world.

ST Proxy Switcher comes in handy in this task too, providing a testing tool that returns not only the current state and response time, but also the country and the uptime. The interface is pretty user friendly and straightforward and it takes just a couple of minutes to get used to it. And in case you still find it difficult after a while, there’s always the help manual that comprises tons of information on the app and on the way you should use the proxies.

In case you find a working proxy, just right click on the server and hit the “Switch to this server” option to enable it in all your browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Its automatic task scheduler that lets you download new proxy servers, scan new ones, rescan dead servers or clean up old dead servers at a given time.

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  • Hide your IP and details:  Just stay anonymous when you are surfing the net. Hide your IP, county and details using free proxy list.
  • Switch your proxy setting in just 2 clicks: Just select your proxy from the list and press to activate it. Save and easily manage your day-to-day proxies in folders and sub-folders. Fast, Easy and Useful.
  • Proxy tester: ST Proxy Swithcer offers the ability to test the proxy status, region, delay time, type and more.
  • Free list of proxies: In just few clicks you can download and save our updated lists of proxies. You can choose from different level of proxy such HTTP proxy, Anonymous proxy, High-Anonymous and SOCKS4/5.
  • Support multiple browsers: The application supports all IE based proxy so its support some of the main browsers such IE, Chrome, Safari and much more.

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