– Online Tool for App Developer is an interesting tool for app developer that lets everyone who is into the apps business has a better interaction with users. It enables developers to get to know their users and better understand what they want. By using Appoxee API apps owners can send news, polls, promotions, updates or anything they want – directly to app through push notification.

A basic way to know the success of each app you developed or the only one if you are just beginning is to check how many downloads it got, but little else. Appoxee adds anything you need to have much better information about your users and better communication with them too.

Appoxee gives you the chance to add an Inbox to your app where you can send messages with push notifications if you wish, so that your users will know there’s something new you want to tell them about.

Appoxee fully supports HTML 5 so basically you can send messages including pictures, videos, animations etc. Check out our blog to get nice ideas and download message templates for your convenience.

[advt]You will also be able to access a list of active users, which you can segment geographically or with other criteria. With this tool you may target messages to different geographic regions that you specify, allowing you to make promos for users divided by country or language, for example.

The analytics capabilities are offered by Appoxee will really let you know to the smallest detail the conduct of your users, such as how often they use the app, how many of them read your messages and other information of the sort.

Appoxee provides a built-in feedback tool where they can rate your app, submit reports of something going wrong, or just let you know what they would like to see improved. This is a better way of knowing what is crossing the minds of your app users, than just the iTunes review page. By the way, Appoxee is for now only available for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.


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