NagiosQL – Tool to Accessible Admin Instrument for Nagios 2.x

NagiosQL is free tool that designed to be an accessible and handy administration instrument for Nagios 2.x. It helps you to easy build a complex configuration with all options, manage them and use them.

Download NagiosQL 


  • Beginning with NagiosQL 3.2 are using enabled or disabled objects without setting the nagios register parameter to avoid conflicts.
  • The HTML issues should be fixed too, as it was time to rework the HTML code and some CSS (e.g. to fix the scroll bars in IE).
  • It also added user settings besides global settings. It will be possible to set the language or the default domain individually for each user.
  • [advt]The installation wizard has gone another round again and was also reworked by Martin.
  • For anyone still having problems with NagiosQL there will be an integrated support page with more detailed system and requirement checks.
  • Fitting a hole, the upcoming release also supports Servicegroups for dependencies and escalations.
  • Domains are now separated between data and configuration sets.
  • Configuration names are now stored as a comment variable inside each configuration file.
  • Fixed the service selection for service dependencies and escalations
  • Fixed the permission management (e.g. menu access & read permissions for each object)

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