Springpad – Free Samsung Mobile App that Makes Quick Notes

Springpad is a free Samsung mobile app that makes it quick and easy to take notes and save anything you want to remember in one place from tasks and lists to products, places, movies, recipes and more. It automatically organizes and enhances what you save with useful links and relevant offers to save you time and money. Everything you save is synchronized and accessible on your android device and on the web.

Download Springpad for Samsung Phone


  • Take quick notes to capture ideas and information
  • Create tasks and lists to manage your todos
  • Look up products, places, movies and more and get instantly enhanced information
  • Scan a barcode, take a photo or record a voice memo to save what you want to remember
  • Add its widgets to your home screen to save and access everything even faster
  • Use the web clipper and Chrome extension for more ways to save on the Web


  • Everything you save is automatically categorized, synced and accessible everywhere
  • Create Notebooks to manage separate projects
  • Easily add tags, flags and alerts


  • [advt]Set reminders for anything you’ve saved
  • Push information from the web to your phone with the Chrome Extension
  • Get things done with links to relevant news, useful information and offers specific to what you’ve saved
  • Share your stuff with friends and family
  • Add a smart folder or shortcut to your home screen to quickly access your information


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