Sophos Mobile Control for iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile devices

Global IT security and data protection company Sophos introduced Sophos Mobile Control­, the Company’s extension to its data protection and endpoint security product lines. With this new offering, Sophos addresses a major pain point for businesses by safeguarding data on a broad range of popular smartphones and handheld devices, including Apple iPhones and iPads, Google Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

Sophos Mobile Control provides comprehensive mobile device management, enabling the ability to simply and quickly secure, monitor, and control the configuration of these devices connecting to the corporate network, allowing similar levels of control and protection with company laptops and desktops.

Closing the Security Gap by Extending Enterprise–Grade Security and Data Protection to Consumer Devices

Sophos’s mission is to provide businesses the most comprehensive threat and data protection and to do so while reducing complexity and burden to IT administrators and end users, and to do regardless of the device type or whether it is in or out of the network.

According to Matthias Pankert, Head of Data Protection Product Management at Sophos,

“The definition of a company endpoint is shifting rapidly and security solutions must quickly adapt to provide companies and users the protection they need without causing undue burden on IT staff and users. The introduction of the Sophos Mobile Control is the foundation for providing device and data protection and security controls in the context they need it.”

Pat Patterson, Information Security Architect at Raymond James said,

“The explosion of smartphones and tablets, and especially the applications for these mobile devices, has pushed the presence of our corporate data even further out of the corporate data center. The ability to protect our clients by maintaining security controls around this data is critical for businesses, especially financial services companies. We have to know what devices have our data and have the ability to encrypt them, lock them, and wipe them if they are lost or stolen. Having a robust mobile management platform is a prerequisite to taking advantage of all the opportunities that these new devices offer.”

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