Find Lost Phone Using Lookout Mobile Security

For all our users who may find themselves scrambling to find their lost phone, Lookout have created a quick step-by-step guide of how to locate and secure your phone with Lookout.

1) Log onto from any smartphone or computer

Once you realize you’ve lost your phone your first step should be to go to the Lookout Mobile Security[] website.  You can do this from a friend’s smartphone (no matter what type of phone it is, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc), an iPad or tablet or your computer. Select “login” (the login button is in the upper right-hand corner) and enter your username (the email address you used to sign up for Lookout) and your password.  Once you are logged into your account, you will see a dashboard with various options.  Select the tab “Missing Device.”  From the mobile website, you’ll see options to Locate or Scream your phone.

2) Remotely Lock and Locate your phone

Under the “Missing Device” tab you will see four options: Locate, Scream, Lock and Wipe.  If you currently have Lookout Premium installed on your phone, you should lock your phone immediately.  This will ensure that if your phone falls into the wrong hands, no one will be able to access your phone but you — so you can keep your personal data (email, contacts, and photos) private. You can even create a secret code to unlock your phone once you find it.

[advt]If you don’t have Lookout Premium and haven’t gone through the Lookout Premium trial yet, sign-up for it from the website after logging in, then you can lock your phone immediately.  Next, you should select “Locate” and Lookout will do the detective work for you!  Whenever possible, Lookout will automatically enable GPS on your phone to help locate it more accurately – even if you did not have GPS turned on before you lost your phone.  Once Lookout uses GPS remotely, it will also turn it off to conserve your battery. Your phone’s location will appear in a matter of minutes on a Google map and typically the location will appear within 50 yards.  As long as your phone is turned on and within cell signal, Lookout will find your phone.

3) Make your phone Scream

Once you have traveled to the location on the map, use the “Scream” feature to sound the alarm on your phone.  From the Lookout website, click on the button “Scream.”  If you are on the mobile website, click on the Scream link. You will then hear what sounds like a police alarm that will slowly get louder and louder for 2 minutes. Follow the siren until you’ve found it!

4) Wipe your phone

In the unfortunate instance that you’re unable to retrieve your phone you should wipe the phone of all your data and private information.  This will ensure that if anyone were to find your phone, none of your information (pictures, contacts, passwords) would be jeopardized. With Lookout, the Wipe feature deletes all of your data, including data on your SD card, as well as logs you out of your accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you have these apps and typically stay “logged in” this will ensure that your accounts won’t be compromised.

Before you wipe your phone, Lookout recommend you use Lookout to do one last backup to make sure all your latest contacts, photos and calls are saved.  You can also do this directly via the Lookout website under the Backup tab.  If you don’t currently have Lookout Premium, and feel that $2.99/month or $29.99/year is worth the peace of mind, you can upgrade to the Premium version right through your account homepage!

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