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Yoono logoYoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place. Yoono application provides a dashboard where you can manage, interact with, and browse a handful of sites and IM platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and AIM. If you have multiple social and instant messaging accounts, Yoono provides a great way to use them all at once. With its organized user interface, alert system, and ability to turn into a fast browser, this application is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of social Web time.

So far over 5 million users have downloaded Yoono App. Yoono recently released their latest version Yoono7.


  • Stay Connected – Connect to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM and more…in one place
  • Status Sync – Update your status across all your services at once
  • Easy Sharing – Share links, images & videos across all your networks
  • Yoono Everywhere – Available for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad!

Yoono is available in 3 versions – Desktop App, iPhone App, Browser App

Yoono7 Features


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