– Send SMS from Your Email Address helps you to send SMS from your email address. No software is needed. It works from any email program. From now on, sending SMS is just as easy and fast as sending emails. Using smsmail is up to 90% cheaper than sending SMS by phone. You can select your individual sender ID. Example: Your mobile phone number, event, company name, etc. Or send Bulk SMS to a group of friends. Replies to your SMS will go directly to your mobile phone.


  • Send mass SMS: Send SMS to a large group of friends or business contacts in one go, instantaneously. Use our online bulk SMS tool or send mass SMS from your email program. There is no limit to how many SMS you can send at once.
  • Email forwarding: Have your emails forwarded to you mobile phone as SMS. Never miss an important email, even if you are away from the computer.
  • [advt]Delivery notification: Always know the exact moment when your SMS was delivered. You will never again have to wonder whether the receiving phone was switched off, or if your SMS was not delivered.
  • Individual Sender IDs: Want to send SMS coming from: “YourCompany” or “YourEvent”? No problem. You can change your Individual Sender ID in the login area. As often as you like.
  • Games & Extras: Download games, pictures, and music for your mobile phone. Get free stuff and great discounts in the login area. It is not available in all countries.

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