msnNOW Aggregator of Breaking News, Hot and Trendy Topics – Launched

msnnow-logoMSN launched its new service, msnNOW at msnNOW makes it easy to stay up to date on the things people are talking about, searching for and sharing the most. msnnow provides the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and, so you’ll always know what’s happening and get the jump on what everyone is talking about. When msn see a hot social conversation or emerging trend, its expert editors provide key insights on why it’s trending, if it’s true, what people are saying about it and where to find out more.

With msnNOW you’ll be the most informed of your friends about what’s happening across the Web – whether it’s celebrities, a sporting event, the latest tech news, or a political race.

msnnow summarize trends, arming you with what you need to know about the topics you want to talk about with your friends. On msnNOW, you will see icons from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews, which indicate where each topic is trending. To see a quick snapshot of the latest trends that are blowing up in real time, check out the “Biggest Movers” Feature.

You can also easily sort through the trends that matter most to you in the topics sections by filtering them by areas of interest, including:

  • Fame: Drill down on celebrity gossip and entertainment reports.
  • Soul: Explore trends related to life – including love, beauty, kids, products and more.[advt]
  • Sweat: Check into the latest sports buzz.
  • Wire: Catch up on trends related to the day’s big stories.
  • Cash: See what’s hot in the world of money and big business.

Demand Dashboard: The Tool Behind NOW

Every moment of every day, people are searching, sharing, tweeting and posting content. With so much information available, it’s hard for you to know what’s trending and why; so every few minutes msn’s newly developed “Demand Dashboard” looks back at the last 24 hours to tally, sort and analyze millions of Bing searches, public Facebook posts, tweets, shared URLs and breaking  news stories. It sifts through all the data and looks for patterns to emerge – detecting breaking trends as they happen, so you can easily find out what everyone will be talking about.

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