Airtel Start Stop Service 121 – Activate or De-activate Premium Services

Airtel has introduced Start / Stop Service which provides Airtel customers an easy & instant way to activate or de-activate any Value Added premium service of their choice under one window of Interactive SMS session by sending SMS to the toll free number 121.

Airtel Start/Stop service enables you to view and manage all your Value Added Service service through an interactive SMS session. You can reply to the SMS with the number against the service which you wish to START or STOP. The Airtel Start / Stop service works from your pre-paid as well as your post-paid connection.

There is no cost to view the services under the Start & Stop menu, however to subscribe to any of the service under the Start menu, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice after the applicable charges have been mentioned. To Stop a service there is no cost.

The Airtel Start Stop service works from all mobile phones. For GPRS enabled services, Airtel live needs to be activated.

If the customer sends START to 121, then the service checks for all the subscription services not subscribed by the customer & presents those services through an interactive menu with numerical replies.

If the customer sends STOP to 121, then the service checks for all the services subscribed by the customer & presents them to the customer for further action.



To subscribe to a service or unsubscribe from a service, the customer has to reply to the menu message with the number mentioned against the service. Once the system receives a response from the customer, a confirmation is sought to avoid any confusion, post which a service is Started or Stopped. You will receive a confirmation message confirming the activation / deactivation of the service.

The popular services under Start & Stop option are:

  • Hello Tunes
  • Missed Call Alert
  • On Demand Services
  • Friends chat
  • Cricket packs
  • Astrology on Demand
  • Phone Backup
  • News / Devotional alerts / Jokes / Sports, Tips

Once you start the SMS session, the gap between your responses should not exceed 5 minutes. If you exceed this time limit, you’ll have to initiate the session again by sending Start or Stop.

You can Start or Stop only one service at a time. To activate / deactivate another service you will have to send start or stop to 121.

Every service has its own activation & deactivation time. This is mentioned in the confirmatory SMS you will receive.

Check Out Airtel Start / Stop Demo


  1. these airtel arseholes are looting money.they activated special star service without knowing me bloody mother fuck3rs.

  2. Hi,
    i called custr care, in my mobil fun subscription activated,
    custer care doesnt deactivate that serice. please tell me the steps to deactivate…

  3. Fun time subscription was activated in my mobile without my intimation to do so, i requested to stop the service through 121 and also dialed to 198 to stop the service for past 12 days ,but still it is not deactivated.
    very very worst service

  4. you can stop or start any service from airtel, follow below steps….
    Step 1)call *121#
    step 2) use option 5 stop a service request in reply
    step 3) selct the option you want to stop in reply
    step 4)confirm with 1
    step 5)you will get a message that withing 4 hour you service will be stoped.

  5. Airtel is looting money by various undue means from its customers
    because of that only its one of the biggest profitmaking company

  6. dear sir i have emmerjence propose for kerla so pls romming acttivate immeadite for this number 9940039911 pls sir immeadite action

  7. The instructions are not totally clear. You’ve left out the most important part, which is what to do after airtell gets back to you with the available options. They’ve deliberately made the instructions hard to follow. “Please enter the serial number of the service you wish to STOP. ” Enter it where? And reply to which number? And what serial number?

  8. Hello…
    Good Evening..
    I’m a CSR of airtel prepaid company.. i know all the customers are wrongly charged sometimes.. in our call center we are getting most of calls bcoz of balance depletion..
    and sometimes we are unable to see the reason that hows that bal is deducted.
    so don’t trust on airtel company. it is my request to all of you.. plz port out your mobile number..

  9. I am not subscribe any service on airtel, but just now i got a message from airtel i.e.. i had activated to astrology service and 20/- to be deducted this is not one time i loss several time currency, daily receive unnecessary calls and massage form airtel. this is last time if you not doing any needful for me i really change ur brand …Thanks

  10. I am not subscribe any service on airtellive,but two days back i got a message from airtel i.e.. i had activated to vcs(vedio club servece ) and within two days 30/- tobe deducted and also link is given to unsubscribe but it is waste it is not working, i had consulted to custmore care they replied that there is no subscription on my number but today 30/- was deducted.this is worst.

    • very true…..even same thing has happened to me…its meaningless to contact those customer care…useless it is….

  11. Kindly deactivate all value added Services in 9685544900 .
    otherwise I complain it in Custumer care service

  12. airtel sucks big time. Deducting charges to services which have not been subscribed to.WTF.switch to other carriers. suck it airtel.

  13. Airtel stelas money by these so called ‘services’. I am unable to unsubscribe to ‘bollywoodji’ inspite of sending STOP to 121, and messages to 54321, calls to customer care, putting on websites etc. airtel still steals 5/- per day from my account. I am sending unable to find a method to unsubscribe. Only option will be to switch over.

  14. hii dis is arshi plz stop the service mitti ke rang
    my cell no. is 98155-16988 i try it but no msg goes to 121 what is the reason? plz rplyyy

  15. This is rubbish.
    Airtel is deducting money from my package everytime i recharge. I called customer care that was of no use. I didnt start/activate the cricketing updates, yet money is deducted for the same. I tied to stop the service by sending “stop cri” to “121” but in vain. I recharge and try to call but it says there is no balance in your account. WTF.
    I’m never using airtel again in my life,

  16. THis is all bullshit AIRTEL does not any service for its customers. The only thing AIRTEL does in mentally and financially harras its customers. Buying an AIRTEL connection is inviting trouble. I am so thankfull to number portability that i am now not associated with this ridicolus organization. ADVICE: DO not buy AIRTEL..

  17. Hi, I did unsubscribe Airtel services and still I get SMS! I again sent the request to which Airtel says you have stopped this services. Don’t understand how Airtel works! Thinking of MNP as solution….

  18. sir my airtel number is 9800447701.
    2 voice blog service has been active since may 2010. every month Rs.10+10 have been deducted for it. many complain does not deactivat this service. now i have nagative balance and i afraid to recharge it. how can i deactivate this service…

  19. pls stop airtel add on service which i have try so many time but eventhough company is not responding due to lossing therir income but they not thinking for lossing customer my mobile no :m 9840092320

  20. Thanks a lot it worked for me to stop the sevices

    dial *121 # and call out,wait for 10 sec, and follow the procedure

  21. please stop my friends chats services immedietly, because i don’t want this services and u can’t deducted my account balance. my mobile no.9748137419

  22. plese immegetly stop message friends chat cricket packs astrology on demand ,joke sports tips,and other unnecessary message on my

  23. Plz unsubscribe Romantic pack and bikini pack for my mobile 9840062079. Everytime i recharge they will detect 10 Rs for each pack.Plz tell me how to deactivate this service.

  24. Dear Sir, please stop the airtel chat i dont want to receive like that kind of msgs. and they r charging without out getting any permission .

  25. No surprise how billionaires are made, govt will recommend for padma bhushan or some national award for Bharti mittal…just watch out..for his companies innovative method of looting public money.

  26. I dont want to receive the service messages. How can i stop?

    Every one hour or 2 hours, i am receiving service msg continuously and annoying so much. Please stop these service messages.

  27. Dear Sir
    I am using your air tel no.9910485849 from last long period. From the begning I have facing many problems with this number. And now I am totally faidup with your services. Latest when I went abroad that time I request to start international roaming and when I came back I request to stop it and I get message for ISD stopping dated 07/05/2010.when I go to your shoprex mall ,noida, outlet they said that my international roaming still activate till that time. I request to stop it but again I got massage for stop ISD.Now today when I call to customer care they said mail it from your authentic e mail. So I do that and now if my STD and ISd service not start immediately I will take legal action on Airtel and disconnect my all Airtel number and stop all payment. Thanks

  28. Send UNSUB CRIC to 54321. 54321 is the number to “Airtel Live!”. Cricket alerts are being sent via this Airtel Live! service. Note that the incoming message actually comes from 55381. However if you send the UNSUB SMS to this number you will get “Invalid keyword” reply.

    The Airtel customer service website has nothing on how to stop this service. They do not even list the keyword to unsubscribe. In order to unsubscribe from this service I spent Rs. 21 in SMSes to 121 (to find out what the subscription serial code is) and repeated SMSes to 121 (thinking that is where I need to send UNSUB messages) and several uncharged SMSes to 54321. I finally figured sending to 54321 and I got a response from Airtel saying that they stopped the subscription. I still need to watch the next 24 hours to be sure.

    This looks like a neat way to rip off our hard earned money.

    See if these help.

  29. Sir,
    please stop my friends chats services immedietly, because i don’t want this services and u can’t deducted my account balance.
    my no . 9994630566


    S.Gopala Krishnan

  30. sir mere no. me cricket score card activate ho gaya hai esay deactivate kar dijiye and daily night me 50 paise main account se gayab ho jate hai esay band karwa dijiye ok


  31. really fed of with airtel chat subscription even i didnt subscribed tat without doing anything my balance reducing daily

  32. stop activating services without the customers acknowledgement…i want my al friends chat to be deactivated immediately….my balance has been reduced by nearly 60rs without me doing nothing

  33. Dear Sir,
    Pls give the solutions about my aitel prepaid balance deductions automatically. My no. 9560732479. What is the reason for deductions.

  34. please stop my Miss Call Alert Service and Hello Tune Service immediately in 9547749016 , because I don’t want this services and u can’t deducted my account balance And refund my money back

  35. STOP the Jobs on mobile service on my mobile as I hav NOT ACTIVATED it.. And refund my money back. Your Start-Stop service is not working!
    Number : 9970087657

  36. Sir,
    please stop my friends chats services immedietly, because i don’t want this services and u can’t deducted my account balance.
    my no . 9630368968

  37. service of customer care is not good and if we call 121 and wants to talk to customer care officer i have to waste our time follow the process which we dnt want ….to takes a lot of time to connect..

  38. dear sir my name is aninder paul singh now i am working in dubai pls my airtel nunber 9872658706 working,but this number no use the other person pls stop my number

  39. pls start my internet service,i hd purchaced blackbery and want to start net service, ihd so many calls to airtel customer care service but there is no any responce from customer care service and i m not with any corporate house from 10 years but in your account shows (i m still with the corporate),so many mails i hv sent to u but no responce.pls remove my name from your corporate account list,and start my net service.(My no is -9810201544)

  40. Dear Sir/Madam,
    age to my mobile number Please cancle of sanding cricket score massage Becuase Balance Is NO.9987923569

  41. I am getting error (The error is ‘Sending Failed’) when I am replying to 1210 writing 1 (as there is only 1 VAS is activated in my mobile which is ‘Hello Tune’).

  42. i am getting unnecessary messages from 54321 please stop that messages immediately my number is 9867448686.

  43. Airtel,
    English :Please Stop Sending Cricket Score Messages To My Mobile Number Immediately Becuase Balance Is Deducted.
    Hindi : Krupa Karke Mere Mobile Par Airtel Live Cricket Score Messages Bhejana Band Kardo.
    Marathi : Krupaya Mazya Mobile var Cricket Score Messages Pathavane Band kara

    Ismese Koyi bhi Language aati hai to Please !!!!

    Regards & Thanks Stop ke badame

  44. SIR,

    • to stop sercices dial *121 # and call out,wait for 10 sec, and follow the procedure

      Intitially it will show what are the services are activated and procecedure to deactivate it. e.g reply 1 to deactivate will be there just type 1 and reply u will get unscribed confirmation message

  45. i am getting unnecessary messages from 54321 please stop that messages immediatly my number is 9989648100

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