SMS-enabled Presidential Elections in United Stated and Russia

ABC news reports that the use of technology like blogs and mass texting (SMS) has been key to Senetor Barack Obama’s surprise sweep of recent primaries to US presidentail polls. The campaign has been making use of a range of technologies — from ringtones to SMS. On the election day, Obama supporters who signed up with the candidate received a text message reminding them to vote. The text message included a phone number to help them find their polling station, a key feature that helped get out the vote.

cnews of Russia reports that the information on the ballot and presidential election results in Russia will be available through SMS by sending request to 5503. Preliminary information regarding the number of votes collected by each candidate will be available. Citizens can also learn the voting results at a certain polling station of a certain region. One can also use the given service even now to learn about the candidates registered for the post of the President. The presidential election results might also be available via SMS. the service is not free of charge.

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