Unlimited Free Text Messages from MailTXT.org for UK Cell Phones

MailTXT, brought to you by Daily Mail, allows you to send free, unlimited messages from the UK to friends and family worldwide who also subscribe to the service. MailTXT is completely free to use and there are no subscription charges or commitments when using the service. It works by connecting your phone momentarily to the internet while sending and receiving MailTXTs.

Depending on your mobile tariff, you may get charged a small amount for data transfers, estimated around 50pence for every 100 messages sent and received in the UK. To offset this, Daily Mail will give you half a pence MailTXT Credit for every MailTXT you send and receive. You can then choose between redeeming your MailTXT Credit at Mailshop or getting money-off vouchers for your Daily Mail news paper. Payback will be made once a year, starting in February 2009, and is only available to users registered in the UK.


MailTXT has been tried and tested on many phones and UK mobile tariffs. If your phone has an internet connection, can play games or download ringtones, then it will be able to run MailTXT. Even if you’re not in the UK, you can still use MailTXT! As long as you can access the internet while away, you will be able to use the service. Although your data transfer costs may be slightly more while roaming, we believe that the cost of sending a MailTXT will be significantly less than sending a regular SMS.

To get started, simply sign up at mailtxt.org. Once you create your account, you will be sent a regular text message to your registered phone that will allow you to download your MailTXT inbox.

You can also send MailTXTs and regular SMS messages from your computer through the MailTXT website. Keep mailtxt.org website open while you’re working or browsing the web – save your fingers and thumbs from too much phone texting! You can invite your friends and family and start sending SMS to their UK mobile phones from the web itself, at no cost!

As MailTXTs are sent across the internet, you will be notified of a new message with a phone call from 020 3137 7777. You may find it helpful to save this number in your contacts as ‘New MailTXT’ or something similar. Giving this number a different ringtone can also help distinguish it from regular phone calls. When you receive a notification simply open your MailTXT inbox to read your message.

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