Skype WiFi – Download Skype’s iOS App

Skype WiFi is the Skype’s latest iOS app, enables you to use Skype credit to pay for mobile internet access at a huge number of wireless hotspots all over the world. While iPhone and 3G iPad owner will be able to use a data connection to get online, this can be expensive when you are abroad, and you may well find that a reliable 3G connection is not available when you need it.

Download Skype WiFi for iPhone 

When you are at the airport or in a café, launching the app provides you with a list of available hotspots complete with details of the cost of each. Getting online is then a simple matter of clicking the provider you would like to use and, assuming you have enough Skype credit available, you are then free to use the internet for whatever you want.

Wifi usage is charged by the minute so it does not matter if you use the connection for sending a couple of emails or downloading large files – the cost is still the same. Online sessions last for 30 minutes and you will then need to re-connect if you want to keep using the internet. While this may seem annoying, it avoids accidentally running up a large bill and it is likely that in airports and other similar places, half an hour online is sufficient.

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