Skyfire Mobile Web Browser for Android, iOS, S60 and Windows Mobile

Skyfire is a mobile web browser which renders requested web page on a proprietary server, relays it to the browser on the end user’s mobile phone, which displays the content. Skyfire currently runs on Windows Mobile, Google Android, iOS and Symbian S60 v3 and v5.

Skyfire comprises two distinct generations of mobile browser technology.

In Skyfire’s first generation (1.x) browser, a web page is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device, similar to the operation of a thin client. This approach is also used by Opera Mini.

Skyfire’s second generation (2.x) browser employs a hybrid approach, using a conventional rendering of Web pages on the handheld device, but streaming video from Skyfire’s servers.


Vibrant Video: watch videos even Flash! – on your favorite sites

Popular Content: instantly see what content on the site is most popular with your friends and the Facebook community

Facebook Portal Integration: one-touch access to your Facebook feed, profile, places and status updates

User Agent Switching: load pages for either mobile or desktop

Social Sharing: social browsing with one-click share

For Android

Skyfire 3.0 for Android has a new SkyBar. Skyfire 3.0 runs on Android 2.0-2.2 devices and Skyfire 2.3 works on most Android 1.x devices.

It includes Vibrant Video, Popular Content, Fireplace Feed Reader and Facebook Portal Integration. Another important feature is Skyfire Search, a simple way to search across Facebook, Google, VideoSurf, Twitter and more. It allows User Agent Switching, Multi-tab browsing to open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously.

Patent-pending adaptive streaming technology ensures optimal utilization of network and processor bandwidth which in turn preserves battery life. You cna Pinch to zoom which means the multi-touch browsing. It has intuitive and finger friendly user interface for easy browsing experience. Skyfire loads full desktop webpages on your mobile device.

Download Skyfire for Android

Skyfire 3.0 is available on the Android Marketplace. Launch the Marketplace application on your Android phone and search for “Skyfire”. Skyfire 3.0 runs on Android 2.0-2.2 devices.

You can as well photograph this QR code with the Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles app on your Android phone and it’ll point you to the Skyfire app in the Marketplace.

For iPhone

In Apple App strore it is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Currently Skyfire for iphone is not available in India. Available only in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe only. Download Skyfire for iPhone (2.9 MB, $2.99)

Features include, Vibrant Video, Explore Related, Social Sharing, User Agent Switching, Private Browsing, Adaptive streaming technology, Facebook and Twitter Quickview, Intuitive and finger friendly user interface, Load full desktop webpages and Multi-tab browsing.

For Symbian phone

Skyfire requires a Nokia S60 3rd edition phone with 240×320 (QVGA) screen resolution or a Nokia S60 5th edition phone (e.g. touchscreen) with 640×360 screen resolution.

Skyfire will not run on the following Symbian devices:

  • Symbian Series S60 (2nd edition)
  • N80, N90, E60 (resolution not supported)
  • Samsung and LG Symbian devices
  • UIQ

Skyfire Mobile Browser Demo Video


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