Session Buddy – Session Management Extension for Google Chrome

Session Buddy is a flexible session management extension that allows you to easily save, edit, and restore your browser sessions. Session Buddy, as simple as automatically saving your current session on browser close—available in the options menu—or for making custom session lists for various tasks like reading your favorite sites every morning or opening all the sites you use for bill paying.

Download Session Buddy for Chrome

Once installed, you can save and restore tabs and windows from previous browsing sessions. You can also remove specific tabs or windows prior to restoring just in case there are pages you don’t need to reopen. By default, Session Buddy restores windows exactly the way you had them, but you can also choose to open everything in a single new window or in the currently active window.


  • Quickly save the current session from the Session Buddy interface or from the right-click menu on any web page.
  • Flexible restore options allow restore of sessions into the original set of windows, a single window, or the current window.
  • Automatic capture of your 10 most recent sessions is especially handy for recovering a session after a browser or system crash.
  • Name and edit your saved sessions with ease.
  • Populate a session from a simple list of URLs.
  • Export a session to text or CSV format.
  • Control the types of tabs that Session Buddy recognizes.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make working with sessions a snap.

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