How to Switch Service to Tata Docomo? (MNP, UPC Code SMS)

If you are a prepay customer of your current mobile service provider, and want to switch to DOCOMO Prepay:

Walk into any of Tata Docomo retail outlets with a photocopy of valid proof of address and proof of identity and a passport size photograph. Fill the subscription form with valid 8 digit UPC code.

If you want to switch to DOCOMO Postpay:

You can leave your details on website or simply call tata docomo at 1800-266-0000. Sales executive will approach you to get the formalities done. You will need to fill the subscription form and provide valid proof of address & proof of identity, a passport size photograph and copy of last paid bill to your current service provider.

What documents are required for a mobile number portability request?

You need to submit:

  1. Duly filled CAF form with UPC code details
  2. Copy of valid Address and Identity proof
  3. Copy of last bill paid to current service provider (in case of postpay customer)

Are there any conditions to join Tata DOCOMO?

Everyone is eligible to join Tata DOCOMO. According to the rules of the Department of  Telecom:

  1. You should have completed a period of 90 days (from the date of activation of your mobile connection) with your current operator.
  2. You should have cleared all outstanding payments of your current Operator.
  3. You should have no pending request for change of ownership of the mobile number.
  4. Your mobile number sought to be ported should not be sub-judice i.e. under trial in a Court of Law.
  5. Porting of your mobile number should not have been prohibited by a Court of Law.
  6. There should be no ownership change request pending against the number you wish to port.

I have a CDMA phone, can I PORT to switch a GSM operator?

Sure! But you will need a GSM compatible handset.

Can I shift my landline number to a mobile number?

Shifting is allowed only between mobile numbers, shifting from a landline phone is not allowed.

Can I switch to Tata DOCOMO anywhere in India?

For now you can switch only within your existing telecom circle. For e.g. If you have a Haryana number and want to shift to another circle, say Delhi with the same number, it’s not possible.

Can my Mobile Number Portability request get rejected?

Yes, Your current service provider may reject the request if any of the eligibility criteria is not met.

Do I need to pay any charges for switching to Tata DOCOMO?

Yes, just Rs.19 along with the application form & your documents.

my number is not successfully switched to Tata DOCOMO will the Rs. 19 be refundable?


I have a prepay number with current operator, can I take a postpay connection through Mobile Number Portability?


What is a UPC code?

Sounds complicated doesn’t it?

Well it isn’t. UPC code is an 8 digit Unique porting code which you will be required to provide to Tata DOCOMO at the time of switching to us. You need go to the write message option on your mobile and type PORT followed by your ten digit mobile number. Send this message to 1900 from your mobile phone and you will get the code. That’s it!

How fast will I get the UPC code?

Immediately after sending the SMS.

I have paid my bills with my current operator till my last billing cycle, there is only the unbilled amount for current month for which my bill will only come in next billing cycle?

You will be required to make the pending payment once your previous service provider raises the bill to you, in case you do not pay the bill you will be liable for disconnection.

When will my number get ported after applying?

Soon! After you have applied and your documents have been submitted, tata docomo will send your request to your existing operator for validations, post which an intimation will be sent to you on exact time and date of switching on your mobile number. The entire process will take maximum 7 days as per timelines set by regulatory.

Will there be any disconnection of services in this process?

Your number will be functional throughout this process. The switchover will happen between 10 pm to 5 am to ensure your connectivity is not disrupted. However there will be a 2 hour span between 10 pm to 5 am when your services may be disrupted, this exact time would be communicated to you in advance.

Do I need to cancel my account with my current service provider?

Your number will be automatically terminated by your current service provider and transferred to Tata DOCOMO as part of the mobile number portability request raised by you.

Will I enjoy all existing services on your network as well?

Please specify that if you have ported to prepay services, you will get immediate access to Local/STD/ISD post activation. In case you have moved to postpay services Local & STD will be available immediately after activation, for ILD you will need to call Tata Docomo customer services desk. GPRS & Value added services will also need to be activated separately through a request to tata docomo customer services.

Do I have to replace my SIM card?

Yes, and why carry old baggage? Just replace your current SIM card with a new Tata DOCOMO SIM card and get talking.

Is there any penalty fee if I want to move out of Tata DOCOMO after getting switched?

There will not be any penalty fee if you decide to move out, however you can only move out after completing 3 months with Tata DOCOMO.

In case I have applied for Mobile Number Portability to Tata DOCOMO, but change my decision, what do I do?

All you need to do is submit a written application within 24 hours to Tata DOCOMO.

Do I need to apply for DND (National Do Not Disturb) service after port in?

Yes, you can call at tata docomo contact center and give request for DND service activation. Also you may opt for the same while filling up the subscription form.

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