Seclore InfoSource – Eliminates Risks of Digital Data Recipients

Seclore InfoSource eliminates risks of having digital data privy to unintended recipients. It enables full control of all data being outsourced, and ensures that the data is used only for the purpose it is outsourced and not otherwise, thereby extending the scope of Enterprise DRM beyond Documents. This also facilitates mitigation of the risk from information breaches whilst enhancing collaboration with outsourced vendors.

Key Benefits Of Seclore InfoSource:

  • Apply data protection for usage in any application or data formats
  • Reduce information security costs
  • Enable controlling data usage at vendors’ premises
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance with full audit of data usage by outsourcing    vendors
  • Eliminate the need for human intervention for outsourced data processing

Protection Of Information Independent Of Formats:

Whether it is tape drives or database dumps, Seclore InfoSource can help in the protection of information shared with service providers independent of formats. This means that multiple investments in technologies for heterogeneous formats is not required.

Usage Rights:

[advt]The distinction between access rights ( yes / no / read only ) and usage rights (yes / no / for a specific purpose only ) is required for any outsourcing operation. There is a need to provide access to confidential data to the service provider but at the same time prevent it from being misused. Seclore InfoSource’s usage rights allow highly granular definition of usage rights attached to each piece of information.

Restricting Information To Specific Infrastructure Of  Computers, Servers, Users And Applications:

Information shared with service providers can be locked to the service provider’s infrastructure i.e. computers, servers, applications and users. This increases the security of information manifold because it means that even if a data breach happens, the unintended recipient will not be able to access the data.

Information Life Cycle Management:

Seclore InfoSource’s protection is persistent i.e. it protects information through the life cycle of creation, transmission, storage, usage and destruction. This allows for significant reduction in investments required for secured transmission, secured storage, secure usage and secure destruction.

No Assumptions Of Connectivity:

Seclore InfoSource does not assume any ongoing connectivity between the service provider and the client’s infrastructure. The protection of information is therefore guaranteed even during a blackout or network outage while ensuring that work can be done without breaks.

No Restrictions On Mode Of Distribution:

Seclore InfoSource does not put any restriction on the mode of information sharing i.e. it could be FTP, CDs, DVDs or hard disks. The protection of the information is carried within the information itself.

Seamless Deployment:

Seclore FileSecure allows setting usage rights for people within as well as outside of the organization. This means usage control is not restricted for documents shared with external people like vendors or customers.

Automated Protection Of Information:

Information that needs to be shared with service providers can be protected automatically and without human intervention. This reduces costs associated with human errors and mis handling.



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