SearchGBY – Search Upgrades and Tools that Reduce Search Time

SearchGBY provides search upgrades and tools that reduce your search time. It allows for safer searching, by reducing the need to click on the actual websites, this avoids pop ups and viruses. It allows you get the most info for your searches. It searches multiple search engines in real time, and automatically filters duplicates.

Download SearchGBY Plug-in

It have combined live results from Google,  Bing and Yahoo, to show you all three at the same time, including multiple new options that take your search experience to new levels.  The SearchGBY add-on is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

[advt]It has an option named “fast preview option” This allows you to view all results in a slide show format. This reduces search time, and allows for safer searching. No need to click on links, get redirected, or get pop ups. Fast preview for images, gives larger, clearer images, you can save a selection of the image by clicking and dragging your mouse over any part of an image or webpage, move the box around and click the plus sign on the right.

Fast preview reduces search time by over twenty times.  Slow loading sites are automatically loaded in the background during the slide show. It also created “image bookmarks” you can crop, copy, save, any part of a webpage as an image. You can also add your favorite news websites and skim through all the current news in real time, in a slide show format.

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