Scrapblog Online Flash-based Multimedia Scrapbook Editor

ScrapblogScrapblog is an online, flash-based multimedia scrapbook editor. With Scrapblog, you can easily create stunning multimedia scrapbooks featuring your photos, videos, audio and a bunch of creative elements.

In Scrapblog drag-and-drop-easy so that everyone can tell their stories and share them online or turn them into high-quality photo books and DVDs. Its main advantage is, it is free and there’s nothing to download. With ScrapBlog, you can create custom cards, calendars, photo books, and more in minutes.

With Scrapblog, your photos and videos become the stars of all the stories you want to tell about the great vacation you just took, your kids’ most excellent adventures, your best friend’s wedding, or just a day in the park with family. It is super and easy to use. Drag and drop to create, share with one click, you get the picture.


Key Features

  • Photo Books[advt]
  • Cards, Invitations, and post cards
  • Calendars
  • Slideshows and Digital Scrap[ Books
  • themes, Stickers and more
  • Pricinfg Details

Creating an account in ScrapBlog grants you access to a ton of cool features

  • Save, publish, and share your scrapblogs
  • Leave comments on other’s scrablogs
  • Create your own personal profile to display all your creations
  • Bookmark your favorite scrapblogs and view them at any time
  • Add other scrapbloggers to your friends list and find them easily

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