Make Your Own Dollar Bill Using Festisite Personalized Money Maker!

festisite Festisite is an online image editor to create personalized money bill with your own picture. With festisite, you can put your face in the middle of a dollar bill and simply give it as a funny gift to your friend! For this, you just need only a few mouse clicks.

You can save the edited image by right-clicking the image and select “Save” to download the output image to your computer, and then print the doll bill with your own face. But the application does not allow the printing of banknote images.

There so many currencies available for you such as Antartica Dollar, Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Iraq Dinar, Singapore Dollar, UK Pound, US Dollar, Malaysia Ringgit etc.

With festisite you can personalize Greeting Card, Money, iphone app, Poems, Text Layout etc.



  • Personalized money maker
  • Generate as many money bills as you like
  • Download and save images onto your computer
  • Supports around 40 different currency templates
  • Free, easy to use

Create your own personalized money bill at the click of a mouse button


  • Choose a money Bill
  • upload a photograph
  • optionally, reposition the photograph
  • Download your final image


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