Make Fun Effects with Templates Using Fototrix Online Image Editor

Fototrix Fototrix is an online image editor for making fun effects. There are 2,500 templates for your digital photographs. You can make your photograph taken with a celebrity, Add some goofy props to spice up your photos, Upload your photo, Add award props like Emmy and Oscar awards or just add a silly hat to your photographs.

With fototrix you can make your images fun for scrapbooks and other craft projects, add frames around pictures and border themes to them. You can create custom captions for all you photos.



  • Uploading or importing photos in formats of JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP
  • Importing/uploading of transparent images is not suggested as blank areas turn to black
  • Uploaded/imported animated images will only display and use the first frame
  • To download image to your hard drive, move mouse cursor over image and right click, select “Save image as”
  • [advt]Add borders and frames last
  • when you upload a new photo, your old saved file may be deleted
  • Use photographs directly from most standard digitalcameras must be JPG format
  • Use high resolution images and effects are high quality
  • When you upload a photo, it can be used on any of the tools on this site
  • Once you use the Save check feature, you can switch to another tool
  • Use your made pics for presentations (PowerPoint, PDF files) and ebooks
  • Each time you add a new effect, you are adding another layer on top
  • If you want to add a new photo or add a different effect to previous settings, just open a new tool page and make the changes
  • Save the generated image to your computer and now you can add another effect

Fototrix Video Totorials

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