Reliance Call Waiting Service – Receive a Second Call While You Are Speaking on Another

Reliance LogoCall waiting feature enables you to speak to two callers, one at a time,without hanging up on either one of them. You don’t want to miss important calls while you are on another call. Call Waiting enables you to receive a second call even while you are speaking on a first one.  If a calling party places a call to a called party which is otherwise engaged, and the called party has the call waiting feature enabled, the called party is able to suspend the current telephone call and switch to the new incoming call (typically, this is done by pushing the flash button), and can then negotiate with the new or the current caller an appropriate time to ring back.

How it works?

  • While you are talking on your first call, you will hear a beep, and the mobile number of the calling party will be displayed, indicating that a second incoming call is on waiting.
  • In the meanwhile, the (second) caller will get an announcement for 30 seconds: “The Reliance customer you are trying to contact is busy on another call. Please stay online.”

While the second call is waiting, you can

  • Put the first call on hold and accept the incoming call.[advt]
  • Hang up the first call and accept the incoming call.
  • Reject the incoming call.
  • Ignore the incoming call.
  • If you have activated voicemail and set the condition for diverts, the incoming call will be diverted to the voicemail box.
  • Otherwise the incoming call will be disconnected after 30 seconds.

If Call Waiting has not been activated, the caller will receive a busy tone. [source]

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