Recover Accidentally Deleted Files – WinUtilities Undelete

WinUtilities Undelete is a tool for recovering accidentally deleted files. ¬†Choose the drive containing your deleted files, and it will scan the volume for you. You’ll then be able to browse directly to the folder in an Explorer-like interface to find your document or you can browse all the deleted files in a new All Deleted Files folder. It will highlight the condition of each file, so you can easily see your chances of a successful recovery, and these can then be undeleted with a right-click option.

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As per usual with this kind of tool, the list of deleted files can be a lengthy one, making it more difficult to find what you need. So it’s good to see there’s a Search option available to help. Right-click in the right-hand pane, choose the Search option, and you can opt to search for files matching the text you provide.

[advt]The author’s website also claims the program allows you to “preview images and binary files before recovery”, however it couldn’t see how to do this, and that’s a minor annoyance. You can view the text names of deleted images, for instance, but no thumbnails, so you’ll need to recover them before you can see precisely what they are.

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