Comodo HopSurf – Security Authentication Software

Comodo HopSurf is a free toolbar that introduces you to new cool sites where you can blog, chat, share the link with your folks and many more exciting things can be done with it. It lets you find out cool and fun sites to while away your time in a nice way. It also lets you blog, share, rank and rate the site you are on and share your comments with others.

It’s a good way to experience new and cool sites which are otherwise obscure and don’t reach the public eye. It spends so much time on Google searching for favorite sites but it consumes a lot of time. But this program helps you connect with new and fun sites. This toolbar makes your browser a fun place to be at.

Download Comodo HopSurf


  • It lets you rate the sites and send links to your friends
  • It lets you set the SurfTimer for a nice web surfing experience
  • It lets you attach notes to the pages and you can share funny and exciting notes with your friends
  • [advt]It lets you search for like minded folks
  • It has a SafeSearch function which protects you against Buffer Overflow attacks
  • It has a search which easily lets you search for any website

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