Receive Offline Chat Messages as SMS Using Nimbuzz Ping for Low End Phones

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Nimbuzz has launched Nimbuzz Ping – a ping service which can deliver offline chat messages as SMS, or offline short messages, to the users of low-end phones. It lets you receive free SMS notifications when Nimbuzz friends are trying to connect with you. You will appear online to your friends even if you have Nimbuzz turned off on your mobile phone.

Nimbuzz Ping works on all Java and Nokia Symbian mobile phones. Simply activate Nimbuzz Ping in your Nimbuzz Settings by verifying your phone number.

Nimbuzz Ping is completely free. Not only do you save battery power, you also don’t need to buy an expensive smartphone to stay connected.

How to enable Nimbuzz Ping?

  • [advt]Make sure you have your phone number registered on Nimbuzz.
  • You can do that on Menu> My Account> Phone number.
  • Once this is done you can go to: Menu> Settings> Nimbuzz Ping> Enable
  • If this service is not provided by your operator a pop-up message will notify you.

How to verify your phone number?

You can verify your number by:

  • Register your phone number on Nimbuzz: Menu> My Account> Phone Number
  • Nimbuzz will now ask you to verify your number, press OK. You will receive an text to the number you have registered, if the phone number is incorrect, you can edit it.
  • Once you have received the verification code go to Menu> Settings> Nimbuzz Ping> Enable> You get prompted to a screen where you can enter the received 3 digit code, make sure you introduce it correctly, you have 3 tries a day.
  • Done[source]

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