Nimbuzz 3.0 for Nokia Symbian Phones – Chat, Facebook and More!

Nimbuzz has made available Nimbuzz 3.0 for Nokia Symbian and Symbian^3 devices to download. The new version is specially optimized for Nokia’s N8, E7, C6 and C7 which run on Symbian^3. Nokia phones such as Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia E71, E72, N95, N70, N97, N97 mini & N73 can also run the Nimbuzz 3.0.

You can customizable tabs, use Facebook Connect and remove the 400 contacts limit and other connectivity issues, and see all your received, missed and outgoing calls in the recent calls tab.

The My info tab gives you quick access to your profile, NimbuzzOut credits, accounts, suggested friends and friend invites. NimbuzzOut call rates are displayed in real time below the number before placing the call.



Instead of having all the tabs on top of the screen you have access to a customizable list of tabs that you can sort as you want or hide the less important tabs.

Another feature added is to sort contact list by status. This is the default setting and if you choose to use it then you will see the Available contacts, then the Away ones and at the end the Busy contacts.

If you want to share pictures with your friends via Nimbuzz, with the new version you can also see a preview of the pictures in the chat screen.

Once you have installed the new update, please go to Settings->Accounts->Reconnect to Facebook to see all your friends online. After typing in your Facebook username and password, you need to allow Nimbuzz to access to the following Facebook permissions.

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