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AirCover is a mobile app that protects your mobile from loss, theft, viruses, malware and other threats. It provides advanced security for iOS and Android devices featuring cloud backup, system security and family safety in one complete solution. AirCover provides advanced security for Android devices featuring cloud backup, system security and family safety in one complete solution. Join the user community of AirCover and have the peace of mind when using your Android devices.


  • Mobile Anti-virus: AirCover scans for viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, suspicious apps, etc. and provides real-time protection from malware attacks when downloading a new app or unknown file.
  • Family Safety: With GPS Tracking, AirCover helps you locate and confirm the safety of your loved ones. Instant Alerts keep you informed of an emergency when someone needs help. And Personal Notifications let you know when your loved one moves beyond a pre-defined area.
  • Device Found: AirCover can track down a lost device from any PC or smartphone and activate an alarm to help you find it. Instructions can be customized for device returns, or the phone can be remotely wiped to protect your contacts from unauthorized access.
  • [advt]Privacy Protection: AirCover provides direct insight into which apps can access your personal data, such as contacts, locations, messages, etc. and lets you set individual access controls as needed.
  • Cloud Backup: AirCover lets you backup, access and restore all your personal data to a new device if the original was lost or damaged.
  • System Optimization: AirCover offers system tweaks such as clean cache, memory release, kill tasks and more, and provides views into other information such as CPU, memory, network and battery status. AirCover also tracks battery usage and provides optimal setting recommendations.

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