Handwriting Note for Android – Download Handrite

Handrite LogoHandrite is a simple hand writing  note-taking tool. It quickly take notes and share it.

Download Handrite for Android 

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  • Quick – record your handwriting directly. No need to wait for the annoying text recognition.
  • Handrite resize your handwriting to a smaller size automatically. So just like in a paper, more text can be written even in a small screen.
  • Share your own handwriting to social networkings(Facebook…), E-mail, MMS, twitter, bbs, blogs.
  • Fast access – put any note in your desktop as desktop widget.
  • Not limited by screen size – hold a second when writing, can move the writing around, hence make more room. Very useful for writing long words, or even simple sketching.
  • Easy writing complicated content – hold a second when writing, can disable “auto insert” temporarily.
  • Can define different pens(Color, stroke width, text size), and fast switching pens.
  • Clean UI. Most room of the screen are used to do handwriting.
  • Organize notes by labels.

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