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The store comes out of US based Monotype Inc.’s imaging labs. offer more than 1,50,000 desktop & Web font products which are available for preview, purchase and download. A user can learn about new typeface releases, can discover typographic tips and techniques via

Monotype is a company which helps consumer electronics device manufacturers, independent software vendors, creative professionals and leading corporations worldwide to connect their products, services, content and brands to consumers & businesses.

Apart from offering various fonts, offers a number of services to its users. Custom fonts is such a service in which a user can create his own font type. Monotype licenses these fonts to meet the needs of every customer.

[advt]Monotype offers a free service named Corporate Identity for its users in which a user can specify guidelines and a number of fonts which shall be exclusively used for his company’s printers, ad agencies, branding and ID vendors.

Monotype can convert fronts from one platform to another, including conversions to the PostScript®, TrueType®, OpenType® and Unicode™ formats. Also Monotype offers custom Logo font solutions for integrating corporate logos and trademarks into custom fonts, which allows organizations to incorporate their brand & corporate identities.

SkyFonts is a utility which allow users to try different fonts on for five minutes for free. Using SkyFonts a user can install desktop fonts, included with the subscription. FontExplorer X is an intuitive font management system, which is available in client & server and supports both Mac & Windows systems. Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud is an extension to the Adobe design applications using which a user can browse and trail as many fonts as he like to. App is now available for iPad too. Users can browse by typographic classification or visual attributes and can mix & match font combinations right on screen.

Typecast is a versatile, browser based tool for working with Web fonts. It allows designers to make design prototypes, compare fonts and to create clean HTML and CSS. It is now available for free with selected Web Fonts subscriptions.

Web Fonts CMS System Plug in service provides plug ins for online content management and publishing platforms, including Drupal®, Joomla and WordPress. WebFontsPreview allows users to preview a website of their choice using Web fonts. Coding is not needed for this service. Users can choose the site and pick the fonts.

The is a patent pending technology that reads a Web page and delivers a font containing just the characters needed for the page to render. web application is free for subscribers. The DevBridge CMS is a web font friendly option for publishing and managing content.

[advt]The different fonts in the database are classified into multiple categories from Art Deco to Vintage fonts. The other categories include Art Nouveau, Blackletter, Casual Script, Clarendon Serif, Decorative, Formal Script, Futuristic Fonts, Geometric Sans, Glyphic, Grotesque Sans and Humanistic Sans.

Apart these font categories, offers usual font categories such as Brush Script, Calligraphy, Celtic, Comic, Condensed, Free, Graffiti, Grunge, Handwriting, Old West, Scary, Stencil and Symbol types. Also it offers fonts under Kids, Monospaced, Neoclassical, Old Style Serif, Slab Serif, Square Sans and Transitional categories too.

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